Tone Your Body The Fun Way

Nov 29, 2018


Fun activities that help tone your body

We all want that toned body but we don’t all want the hours of hard graft in the gym.  What if I told you, that you could tone up your body without “exercise”, getting involved in fun activities can have a great impact on you body and your well being.

So cut back on the sofa time and increase your active time, and say hello to a more toned you 

Year round Activities

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

No matter the time of year, there is always a fun activity for you to get involved in and they’ll get you in shape fast.

Riding your bike. You don’t need to put on a pair of bike shorts and ride the Tour de France to get great legs or glutes. Riding your bike casually around town is an excellent and very healthy activity.   You’ll get a great workout while you’re out and about.  If possible leave the car at home and ride your bike to work.

Tennis –  Tennis is actually great for the abdominals, back, shoulder and arm muscles. And if you’re playing someone with a great serve, you’re going to get some legwork in too. Tennis is fun, inexpensive and it’s a social exercise. You can play a friend during lunch and both get a great workout in.

Climbing – This is one that Av’s and I would love to start, find somewhere with a climbing wall and sign on to do a few rock climbing lessons.  This activity is great for an all over body work out.

Dancing – It doesn’t matter what kind of dancing you enjoy, whether its ballroom dancing, Street Dancing or Ballet, it’s all good for you, so join a class and get your dancing shoes on.

Swimming –  Swimming is an all-around shaper. It gives you great tone from head to toe. And during the warm summer months it’s also a fun way to cool off. Additionally, swimming is a wonderful aerobic exercise that strengthens your heart and lungs.

Team Sports – If you love team sports then join a football, basketball, netball team. It’s great for your entire body from your shoulders to your calves.

It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like; there’s always a fun way to tone your body without feeling like you’re “exercising.” Find an activity that you like to do, ask others to join you and have fun getting in shape and toning your body.